Fabulous Blog award

yesterday when I open my bLog,I check my shoutmix and I see mbahjack give me award..But I can't take it at that time,because I am too busy..
So this morning when I turn on my computer.As soon as I can,,I go to mbahjack bLog and take my award..
And also at this time I wanna say thanks to:

  1. My God, of course and aLways..ALLah SWT
  2. My parents
  3. All my friends
  4. All devil.harajuku followers
  5. And all devil.harajuku readers
Hehe..feeL like actor...

Btw,,mbahjack teLL me one thing I had to do when I have taken my award..I must give this award to other blog that is inspirational and friendLy..
So because of that,I wanna give this award to:

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